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K. Hariharan - Here’s how you can become BCCI umpire

Umpire K. Hariharan gives a roadmap on how to pursue umpiring professionally in this two-part series

Umpiring as a career can be rewarding, but one needs to work hard and be patient to reach to the top. There are various stages that one has to clear before being eligible to officiate in an international game. Like cricketers, umpires too are judged on the basis of their consistent show.
It is not necessary for you to have played competitive cricket before, but having played the game gives you an advantage. The first step is to register with your respective state association as it is the state association that forwards the name to the BCCI.

When you register, you must be well conversant with the rules of the game. You should be thorough with the Laws of Cricket. The books are available in the market for you to study. Also, a lot of material is available on the internet. That is the homework one has to do. Initially it has to be your passion and your interest that will take you further.

Once you get to officiate in local matches, you need to start proving your mettle. The state association will then forward your name for the Level 1 examination conducted by the BCCI every year or once every two years. 

The Board will also arrange for coaching classes for three days. Well qualified umpires and experts on the subject will ensure that all the candidates appearing for the examination are well prepared. 

The fourth day is reserved for a written examination. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of merit. The shortlisted ones have to come for an induction course where further doubts on the laws of the game are addressed.

There is one more examination for shortlisted candidates, which may also be practical and oral. Those who clear this have to appear for Level 2 which is generally held after a period of one year.

The Level 2 examination is a combination of written, practical and viva. Those who clear this then have to appear for a medical test. When one completely clears Level 2, one more induction course is be conducted following which you get recognized as BCCI umpire. 

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