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                            Playing Conditions for T20 Matches (Women)

                            Playing Conditions for T20 Matches (Women)
                            BCCI : Playing Conditions for T20 Matches 

                            SENIOR AND JUNIOR WOMENS' DOMESTIC TOURNAMENTS 2016-17

                            The players, umpires and scorers in a game of cricket may be of either gender and the Laws apply equally to both. The use, throughout the text, of pronouns indicating the male gender is purely for brevity. Except where specifically stated otherwise, every provision of the Laws is to be read as applying to women and girls equally as to men and boys.

                            Except as varied hereunder, the Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 6th Edition - 2015) shall apply.

                            Note: All the references to ‘Governing Body’ within the Laws of Cricket shall be replaced by ‘The BCCI Match Referee’.