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BCCI announces ‘Test Cricket Incentive Scheme’ for Senior Men

9th Mar, 2024

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March 9, 2024

BCCI announces ‘Test Cricket Incentive Scheme’ for Senior Men

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is pleased to announce the initiation of the 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme' for Senior Men, a step aimed at providing financial growth and stability to our esteemed athletes.

This scheme is not only designed to encourage players to engage in the purest format of the sport but also addresses the evolving dynamics of the cricketing landscape, ensuring parity with match fees in other formats and league cricket.

Commencing from the 2022-23 season, the 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme' will serve as an additional reward structure on top of the existing match fee for Test matches, set at INR 15 lakhs.

The 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme' structure is as follows:

Matches Played

Assuming 9 Tests in a Season

Playing XI Incentive (INR)

Non-Playing XI Incentive (INR)

Less than 50%

Less than 4

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

More than 50%

5 & 6

30 lakhs per match

15 lakhs per match

More than 75%

7 or more

45 lakhs per match

22.5 lakhs per match

This innovative scheme is a testament to BCCI's commitment to recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our players, fostering a sense of financial security and motivation to excel in Test cricket.

BCCI President, Mr Roger Binny, said: “We are thrilled to introduce the 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme,' reaffirming our dedication to the well-being and encouragement of our senior men cricketers. This initiative aligns with our vision of promoting Test cricket as the pinnacle of the sport.”

Honorary Secretary, Mr Jay Shah, said: “The 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme' is a progressive move to acknowledge the significance of Test cricket. This pioneering initiative is intricately aligned with our broader vision, which is focussed around the promotion of Test cricket as the undisputed pinnacle of the sport. As we embark on this journey, we are not only recognizing the invaluable contributions of our players but also fostering an environment that values and prioritizes the essence of the traditional format of the game. This scheme is designed to inspire our cricketers to contribute their absolute best to the longer format of the game. It is a recognition of the unique challenges and demands that Test cricket poses, and through this initiative, we seek to not only reward excellence but also cultivate a renewed passion for the purest form of the sport.”

Vice President, Rajeev Shukla, said: “Test cricket undeniably occupies a special place in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. It embodies the essence of the sport, demanding skill, endurance, and a strategic approach. The introduction of the 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme' is a strategic move that goes beyond mere financial considerations. While it undoubtedly aims to provide players with a sense of financial stability, its broader purpose is to serve as a motivational catalyst.”

Honorary Treasurer, Mr Ashish Shelar, said: “Serving as the guardians of the game, we bear a profound responsibility to uphold the values and aspirations of cricket. Recognizing and rewarding the unwavering dedication that players invest in Test cricket is fundamental to preserving the essence of the sport. The introduction of the 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme' is a significant stride in fulfilling this responsibility, as it signifies a deliberate step toward providing our players with the stability and growth opportunities they rightfully deserve.”

Honorary Joint Secretary, Mr Devajit Saikia, said: "With the 'Test Cricket Incentive Scheme,' we aim to create a conducive environment for players to focus on Test cricket without concerns about financial security. This initiative is aligned with our commitment to nurturing and promoting the traditional form of the game."