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BCCI organises pre-Season workshop for Umpires & Match Referees

A total of 92 Umpires and 57 Match Referees attended the workshops in Bengaluru

The Pre-Season workshop for the Umpires & Match Referees on the BCCI Panel was conducted in five batches (two days each) from 23rd July to 3rd August 2018 at Bengaluru.

The emphasis was on the uniform interpretations of BCCI Playing Conditions in all BCCI Domestic matches.

The other topics that were covered during the duration were the Code of conduct, Pace of Play, Ball Tampering, Suspect/Illegal bowling action, 3rd Umpire/DRS Training etc.

All the umpires and match referees had active interactions on all the topics covered.

The workshops were conducted by Mr. Manu Nayar (BCCI/ICC Match Referee), Mr. C Shamshuddin, Mr. Anil Chaudhary, Mr. C.K. Nandan, Mr Nitin Menon (all BCCI/ICC Panel Umpires) & Mr. Denis Burns (ICC Umpires Coach).

Mr Javagal Srinath (ICC Elite Panel Match Referee) also addressed the Match Officials during the workshop.

The Anti-Corruption Education Program was conducted by the BCCI Anti Corruption officer, Mr. Anshuman Upadhyay for all the batches.


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BCCI organises 4th Curator's certification course

The course attracted participants from North East & two lady curators for the first time

BCCI conducted the CURATOR’S CERTIFICATION COURSE for the curators from various affiliated units in Bengaluru from the 16th - 29th of July. 28 curators participated in the two-week course. The salient feature of the event was the participation from North East States, Pondicherry and two lady curators who attended the course for the very first time.

The course materials was in form of a curator manual prepared by the BCCI Senior Curators. The faculty included three experts who were invited from agencies outside the organisation, two BCCI qualified umpires & four members of the Ground and Pitch Committee of BCCI. The sessions covered all aspects of curatorship such as pitch construction, pitch marking, preparation, water movement, drainage, soils, grass, weed management, fertilizers, herbicides, rules of the game, operations and provided some useful insights on the importance of maintenance of modern ground maintenance equipments. 

The sessions were spread in two halves, including theory and practical. In a kind of first, a session was also devoted to the anti-corruption code that educated the curators regarding safe practices of pitch making.

BCCI Chief curator, Mr. Daljit Singh seemed pretty satisfied with the programme and expected a lot of positives from the certification course. He said, “I believe everyone received a lot of scientific knowledge and it was a life changing experience for the curators. This course will make them richer in experience and I am sure they would have gained a wealth of knowledge about soil, pitch constructions, fertilisers etc.”

Mr. Singh was particularly happy with the progress from the North East states. “They (North East states) have been very enthusiastic and forthcoming. They took keen interest when we had a pitch curator’s workshop held in Mumbai a couple of months ago and their reception towards this course too has been positive. I am sure everyone would have taken this opportunity to learn, educate themselves, take a test and get a certificate after passing the test.”


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