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BCCI COA’s Response to Media Reports related to Maharashtra and GCA

The BCCI Committee of Administrators (COA) has been informed that there are certain media reports suggesting that the Maharashtra Cricket Association and the Gujarat Cricket Association have been selected as the only Full Members of the BCCI from the States of Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively. These reports are misconceived and appear to be based on a wrong understanding of the document named “Memorandum of Association & Rules & Regulations of BCCI as finalized by the COA” (“Constitution”) that has been uploaded on the BCCI website on March 18, 2017.

Attention is drawn to Rule 3(a)(ii)C of the Constitution:

“In States with multiple Existing Members, the full membership shall rotate annually among such Existing Members such that only one of them will exercise the rights and privileges of a Full Member at any given point of time. The rotation shall be as per the policy framed by the BCCI.”

Therefore, kindly note that:

1. The Constitution has been finalized by the Committee of Administrators in accordance with the recommendations of the Hon’ble Justice Lodha Committee and the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

2. The Full Membership in Maharashtra and Gujarat is to rotate annually between the 3 existing Full Members from each of those States as per the policy referred to in Rule 3(a)(ii)C extracted above. Accordingly, Mumbai Cricket Association, Maharashtra Cricket Association and Vidarbha Cricket Association (not necessarily in that order) will get to vote by annual rotation from the State of Maharashtra. Similarly, Gujarat Cricket Association, Saurashtra Cricket Association and Baroda Cricket Association (not necessarily in that order) will get to vote by annual rotation from the State of Gujarat. Maharashtra and Gujarat are also exceptions to the general principle that one association will have jurisdiction over the entire State.

3. The list of 30 names in Rule 3(a)(ii)B of the Constitution does not refer to the names of associations but the names of the States. The association from a particular State may have a different name. For example, Hyderabad Cricket Association from the State of Telangana.



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BCCI and CA to partner for Exchange Programs

Media Advisory

National Cricket Academy (NCA) has undertaken an initiative to conduct a refresher course for the existing accredited coaches of BCCI in conjunction with Cricket Australia.

In pursuance of this objective, the BCCI and CA have partnered to conduct this course and CA was gracious enough to readily accept and depute their faculty to conduct the Level 2 coaching courses at the NCA from March 21 to April 1, 2017. During this period two batches of 25 coaches each will participate and moves are afoot to have more such courses in batches, to re-certify all the BCCI qualified coaches.

The 1st batch has 25 women coaches attending the program and the 2nd batch has 25 men coaches participating in this course.

The opening session of the program detailed the approach and methodology in coaching, which has seen a paradigm shift, and this proves that the initiative to update the coaches on the contemporary methodologies, is a move in the right direction. The curriculum of the course will stress upon the importance of exchanging information and widening the knowledge base by way of multiple interactions with the coaches.

The BCCI is confident that the coaches will benefit immensely from this program apart from gaining more insights about the latest methods in coaching. A number of such initiatives are being chalked out in the future, wherein BCCI and CA will work towards a common goal where top cricketing countries can combine their intellectual abilities and contribute towards the development of the game.



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