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Find Your Score for Health and Lifestyle

Test your health based on this simple exercise deviced by Team India Strength & Conditioning coach

Wish you all a happy New Year. I thought I will put this stock sheet across for you to make meaningful fitness decisions this year.
I interacted with almost 100 people in the last 50 days and one common thing I noticed was everyone is running wild and mad in the pretext of career, money, work, family issues etc.

I am no connoisseur of talking about philosophy and neither am I going to give you ‘gyaan’. I am just going to put things in perspective here and the decision has to come from within. It’s time I cut to the chase.

Score yourself a 1 if your answer is Yes and a 0 if your answer is a No.



I go to bed by at least 10.30 pm

2 I drink my fish oil capsules without fail every day of my life (a minimum of 3 Grams)

3 I take one multi vitamin everyday

I eat at least 2 fruits a day

I eat a handful of dry fruits/nuts a day

6 I make sure I eat 3 glycemic ally balanced meal every day

7 I make sure I snack on healthy foods every 3 hours

8 I do not consume any processed foods

9 I do not consume deep fried foods

10 I do not snack on sugar based products

11 I never go without food for more than 3 hours at any point of the day

I consume at least 3 cups of vegetables a day

13 I have proteins for every meal

14 I do not consume grains after 6 pm

15 I do not smoke

16 I do not consume alcohol

17 I exercise at least 30 mins a day

18 Relaxation: music/meditate/go for a jolly walk/ yoga

I do not sleep more than 10 hours a day

I do not sleep less than 7 hours a day

Based on your answers add the score.

If your score is 18 or above, you’re in a beautiful space in life and have all the reason to feel good about life and health.

If your score is between 15 and 18, you’re doing fine, but require a little fine tuning. Choose one more pointer from the list and include it in your lifestyle.

If your score is between 12 and 14 you are just starting to lose the plot. Wake up.

If your score is 11 or below, you are burning on either end. You need professional help.

Shankar Basu

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‘Fitness is the new religion’

Team India fitness trainer - Shankar Basu speaks about fitness and more in his blog for BCCI.TV

“New horizons, New goals and New hopes” is probably the tag line, which will be apt for this new look Indian team. From a professional’s point of view this team is hungry and raring to go. The paradigm shift of the average Indian cricketer’s perception about fitness has changed considerably. Thanks to the demands of the game the modern day cricketer is operating from a different tangent and their quest to keep themselves fit is quite exhilarating. The team has embraced athleticism and their mindset is like the good old Spartans - very keen to eat, move like a leopard and eat healthy.

These are exciting times and we are just scratching the surface. This quality has become the flavor of the season and the time is ripe to ride the wave and enjoy the trip. Like I said, everyone is in a ‘trip’ and the journey has begun for a new chapter in the annals of Indian cricket.

In my opinion the fitter you are the merrier is your psyche and so is your performance. This young set of warriors in the current Indian team is willing to bend backwards to become a supple leopard and they are ready for the kill. The time dimension will reveal itself shortly and there will be a new script from the physical standpoint for sure in the years to come. Hats off to all the support staff who have worked tirelessly over the years to set up this beautiful platform pertaining to fitness and lifestyle.

As everyone in this universe will agree that metamorphosis is a process and it happens over a good amount of quality time. The only permanent is transition and this team has embraced that with both their hands.

Happy transitional times!!!

Shankar Basu

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