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BCCI Staff in Mumbai 03 February 2014 - 11:32am IST

Motwani backs team for better results in future

Maharashtra captain rues dropped catches and first innings batting performance

The Rohit Motwani-led Maharashtra finished runners-up of the Ranji Trophy 2013-14 season. They had made it to the final on the back of wins against Mumbai and Bengal. However, they were out-played by Karnataka in the battle for the title in Hyderabad.

Speaking about their run-up to the final game of the tournament, the Maharashtra captain said, “It was good because we qualified from Group C. At the start of the season, we had aimed for a quarter-final berth. When we played in the quarterfinal (and beat Mumbai), it was then we started hoping that this team can win the Ranji Trophy. There were positive vibes. It was an amazing journey right from the first game itself.”

Reflecting on the loss in the final, Motwani said, “There is no pointing of fingers because it was a team effort.”

“I think we lost the way on Day 1 because the track was a 500-600 run one (Maharashtra scored 305 in the first innings). And on the second day, we dropped too many catches, the number was very high. Had the catches been held, the scenario would have been different. Unfortunately as a team, we did not click in this match.

“You don’t drop catches, they win matches. Such opportunities do not come at regular intervals. Whenever it comes, make it happen.

“We had nothing to lose. There was no kind of pressure. We just had to throw the dice and see.

“You expect some kind of turn on a Day 5 wicket. There was a rough but we expected some turn. But that did not happen. It was quite easy. There was variable bounce,” he remarked while discussing the way the match progressed.