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Prajakta Pawar in Mumbai 23 February 2014 - 12:54pm IST

CAG lauds BCCI for spreading the game

Kulwant Singh says BCCI’s efforts must be appreciated in developing cricket culture in corporate houses

CAG beat Chemplast in a thrilling match to lift the BCCI Corporate Trophy for the first time on Saturday. Kulwant Singh, Director Personnel of CAG spoke to bcci.tv about the significance of the tournament in encouraging players and spreading the game.

He also discussed CAG’s role in cultivating a cricket culture and supporting sportsmen.

Excerpts from the interview:

On the BCCI Corporate Trophy

I think it is important. Tournaments like this help promote sports in the corporate world. It also helps give recruitment to young and able sportspersons. The sportspeople take a risk when they choose sports as a profession and it may or may not click. Cricket in corporate world helps in giving them the stability.

The other important thing is that it brings a lot of camaraderie in the corporate world. We get to know so many organisations through sports. We play other tournaments also but this is, perhaps, one of the best tournaments we have seen. It is well organised. Facilities provided by the BCCI and the state associations are of international standards.

On CAG’s performance

Outstanding! The boys were simply outstanding and the way they are playing now and the way they have played earlier is also truly remarkable. We have played three editions of BCCI Corporate Trophy and in all three we have been in semi-finals.

On the preparation leading up to the tournament

We have recruited sportspersons in various disciplines including cricket. After their initial recruitment we called them to Delhi where we had our camps. We have two brilliant coaches in Mr Raju Sharma and Mr Kalpesh Patliwala. The players have been playing cricket through the season in Ranji trophy so that helped us in fine tuning them quickly and preparing them for the tournament.

On the cricket culture in corporate houses

I think the steps Prof. Ratnakar Shetty has taken by introducing this trophy is brilliant. At the moment, cricket in corporate world is coming of age. We now have 16 teams participating in the tournament. In addition to that they give a lot of support and encouragement to the cricketers. And cricketers also get a sense of satisfaction in terms of security that back home the corporate world is going to take care of them.


We have recruited more than 650 cricketers and in total around 2000 plus sportspersons from various disciplines. We are focused on making the best of BCCI’s initiatives in spreading the game and providing more opportunities to the cricketers.