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Chemplast praises BCCI’s initiative in corporate cricket

Bharat Reddy says steps like this help bring stability for cricketers
Chemplast praises BCCI’s initiative in corporate cricket

Chemplast have emerged as one of the most consistent teams in the BCCI Corporate Trophy. They had won the title in 2012-13 and were involved in a thrilling final against CAG this season. During the clash for the title at the Wankhede Stadium, Bharat Reddy, Vice President of Operations, Chemplast, spoke to bcci.tv about the significance of the tournament in the corporate world.

While appreciating his team’s efforts, Reddy also lauded BCCI’s initiative of creating yet another platform for cricketers across the country to display their skills.

Excerpts from the brief interview:

On Chemplast’s performance in the Corporate Trophy

We have had some injuries last year and this year we have done quite well for ourselves. Reaching the final of the tournament is a testimony to the fact that we have been consistent and have been performing well.

On the team’s performance in the 2013-14 season

We have performed well and our players have done well in all departments – bowling, batting and fielding. We have won all the matches in the league stage. In the last game we came back from behind and won.

On the BCCI Corporate Trophy

It is a good tournament because a lot of boys get employment throughout India. I think it is necessary that we have this tournament so that the future of players is safe and secure.

On preparation ahead of the tournament

We started the preparations around September. Since the tournament was held at the end of Ranji Trophy the players were in good shape and rhythm.

On playing the final at the Wankhede Stadium

It is a good thing that they are playing at the Wankhede Stadium. There are many players who are playing for the first time at the Wankhede. The ground and the wickets here are of international standards. 

Prajakta Pawar

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‘Dhoni must get inventive as captain’

Sunil Gavaskar wants the Indian skipper to lead like he bats

Team India struggled in the ODI series on all fronts – the bowlers were erratic and gave away too many runs, which proved too much for the batsmen to chase. However, we saw in South Africa that ODI loss has little effect on India’s Test performance. Expect India to fight harder in the Test series.


Against the red ball and without the pressure of the mounting run-rate the Indian batsmen appeared confident facing the fearsome Proteas attack. In New Zealand they will not have to deal with as much pace as they did in South Africa and it should only better their performance.

In the ODI series, the real problem with the Indian batsmen was that they looked for big shots all the time and didn’t run enough singles. They often played with hard hands and ended up hitting the ball to the fielders. Hopefully, they would have corrected this in the last few days while putting themselves in the Test mode. A little more patience and serenity will serve them well.

They would also do well to take a leaf out of Virat Kohli’s book. An important thing about batting is visualizing small things like what shots and in which areas you will play against a particular bowler and how you will deal with certain situations. When you have played a shot in your mind, it becomes easier to execute it in the middle. Virat seems to be doing just that.


Zaheer Khan and Mohammad Shami will definitely play. It would also be worthwhile to include Bhuvneshwar Kumar because of his ability to swing the ball. If it is overcast, Bhuvneshwar can be more than handful. Later in the innings he can be your stock bowler, bowling full and straight and creating pressure from one end. Ravindra Jadeja’s six-wicket haul in the Durban Test could put him ahead of R Ashwin in the Playing XI at Auckland.

One thing the pacers must do is bowl a fuller line. Indian bowlers lack the extra pace that makes the short ball lethal. They should stick to bowling fuller which will enable them to move the ball.


MS Dhoni is so inventive as a batsman. I want him to take that inventiveness to his captaincy as well. At times, it seems like when his original plan fails, he doesn’t have a backup plan to fall upon. In ODIs it can become difficult to try different things all the time because the opposition could control the game with their tempo. In a Test match you have all the time to try out various combinations, bowlers and fields and outthink the batsmen. That’s one area where Dhoni can get better.

(As told to Shirin Sadikot)

Sunil Gavaskar

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