The Multi Day Playing Conditions

                      The Multi Day Playing Conditions shall apply to Women's Multiday Matches with the following amendments:

                      1. 1. Clause 5.1

                        Replace note (a) to (e) with:

                        Note: (a) in all matches red BDM balls will be used.

                      2. 2. Clause 5.4 Replace Law 5.6 with the following: Law 5.6 - Specifications

                        Weight: 5 oz/148 gm

                        Circumference: from 8 1⁄4 in/21.0 cm to 8 7⁄8 in/22.5 cm

                      3. 3. Clause 16

                        Note: Game will be played over two days with a possibility of 2 innings result and there shall be no limitation on the number of overs for any side in any innings.

                      4. 4. Clause 19 Law 19 Boundaries

                        Replace first two paragraphs of 19.1 with

                        19.1 Law 19.1 - The Boundary of the Field of Play

                        The boundary shall be a minimum of 55 yards (50.29 metres) and a maximum of 70 yards (64metres). Distances shall be measured from the centre of the pitch to be used.